GM NFTs – The Prelude Continues

The NFT space is a wild and rapidly changing arena of art, promotion, and branding. In my opinion, very few NFT collections can provide serious utility. Utility is a product or service that has an actual use or value outside of the resale of the NFT. It has been my experience that NFT's providing solid... Continue Reading →

NFT’s and BKP – The Prelude

Art comes in many forms. It is a language that all speak and interpret differently. I have worked for many years to better speak the language of art in my own way. Honing my craft and creating many different forms of art to further explore multimedia design in many ways. Currently, I am working to... Continue Reading →

Bricks & Flowers

"Bricks & Flowers" color pencil drawing & fine art NFT by BKP... I love to draw and for a long-time drawing, to me, drawing was just pens and shading. When I finally began to explore drawing in color as an abstract art form, I got engulfed in the possibilities. This work is one of my... Continue Reading →

Sunset Harvest NFT Collection

The Sunset Harvest NFT collection is now live on Opensea. I was able to complete this collection some time ago. I minted the artworks from late November to early December. This project was a fun idea I had to attempt to capture the beautiful sunsets I so much adore. This was an experimental project I... Continue Reading →

Sunset Harvest NFT Collection Coming Soon!

So it's easy to get swept away in the everyday tide of life. I have noticed that I have not properly updated BKP with current progress and projects that I am deep into for some time now. That is why I'm dropping this quick blurb. In The Works I'm am finally wrapping up a... Continue Reading →

BKP Art NFT Drops Collection

The BKP Art "Drops" series has been completed. This NFT series has become an exploration phase of my work as a digital artist. The "Drops" series includes Five original NFT's that maintain five editions each. The very first NFT of this collection is "Black Drops Go". This NFT was basically me testing how the minting... Continue Reading →

A Dry Place To Revibe

The "Digital Postage" NFT Second Edition So here it is, series #0002 of my Digital Postage fine art NFT collection. "A Dry Place To Revibe" is a step forward for me and my multimedia art exploration adventure. The art piece was an easy selection when it came to deciding what work I would use for... Continue Reading →

Sifting Krill

The NFT learning curve continues... Crypto Wallet Synchronization & Minting I am very unaware of how this issue came to be, but while trying to mint my drawing "Sifting Krill" I ran into some issues... This NFT was minted on at 8:47 June 02 2021. If you go to my activity log and scroll the... Continue Reading →

Black Drops Go & My NFT Learning Curb

Black Drops Go was my first minted item in the crypto space. I went on Rarible, with a sweet portfolio, and started in on my new adventure. I minted Black Drops Go as a 1/1. It was kind of a practice piece for me to feel out how the process works. I uploaded my design... Continue Reading →

Digital Postage – A New NFT Series

The Digital Postage Series Basics: I have created a new NFT series I'm calling "Digital Postage". This is in honor of my grandfathers extensive global stamp collection. When I first started to understand NFT's, and the thought behind creating NFT art, I couldn't help but to think of stamps and the value of collectable items... Continue Reading →

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