Cameras Vs. Cell Phones

The battle continues…

When it comes to traditional camera photography there are many aspects of a camera that can attract photographers. Some features on cameras are truly unmatched. However, 2017 cell phone cameras are getting to be advanced as well. When it comes to the end result of an excellent photo does it really matter how you got there? Some cell phone edit can even make difficult lighting changes seem easy.

I had a fellow artist who proclaimed her despise for people who boasted about their photos that were taken on a phone. She noted disgust and frustration with those that take any old snap shot with a cell camera and claim art.

In 2017, can we really turn a blind eye to quality pictures just because of the devices used to capture them?

Here’s a photo I took on a walk with my cell phone. I’m not sure I would ever resell it or create prints, but is art? Is it not art?…photography


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