Cityscapes of A Dreamer

I find a sense of balance in patterns like brick. Repeating shapes over and over, even if they are worn by time. It fascinates me how character is created in old buildings and repetition. I love painting cityscapes… (including the one pictured above) Here are a few I’ve done in the past.

city scapes

This painting is an oil and acrylic on canvas and during the creation of this piece I was trying to portray how love can remain long after destruction. The cityscape in this painting is a metaphor for what has been built between two people as far as bond or relationship.

This painting was acrylic and oil on canvas. A four canvas painting.

The painting above is an original oil and spray paint on canvas.

The above piece of artwork is and oil and acrylic on two mini canvases.

Please enjoy this small blip of my cityscape work.


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