Composing Multi Canvas Symphonies

I imagine art that makes me feel but doesn’t allow me to think. It’s a very hard destination to reach. Most of my abstract works begin without a final product in mind.

This approach is best used in multiple canvas situations. I have created paintings that have several of the same size canvases, and paintings that have several different sized canvases. I find that, no matter how many canvases I choose to use in a work, or what size the different blank spaces are, in the end the only thing that matters is how the color harmony is balanced and perceived.

For example take a look at the following painting done in acrylic and oil color:

Oil and Acrylic Multi Canvas BKP Original Painting

This painting is four separate canvases that are all different sizes. The clouds get darker and more intense on the smallest canvas creating a visual balance between the larger canvas on the opposite side of the work. When I started this painting I was focused on covering all the canvases to find a good approach for the finished work. I don’t recommend forcing a specific design on a multiple canvas work because layout and color can drastically evolve before you finish.

Sizes and Perceptions:

Oil and Acrylic BKP Art Painting

In the painting above, the largest center canvas is 6″ x 8″ inches. Painting smaller works allows me to hone my focus, and forces me to get detailed. The layout of this painting starts with a background on the left side and travels to the foreground on the right. This creates an interesting effect because the canvas sizes and layout of the work do not match. Playing with visual balance can be fun and very challenging. This painting took me a great deal of time to create a balance I was comfortable enough with to label finished.

Moving Threw a Sea of Colors:

BKP Art Original Oil Painting on Multi Canvas

By starting with equal sized canvases the objective becomes maintaining balance more so than creating it. I have titled this abstract landscape “Midnight Tide”. Over time this painting has become a personal favorite and I was please to see it go to a good home. For this work I decided to keep a minimal amount of subjects, or objects, and make them very busy to create balance in texture and color. Though this is one of my very early multi canvas paintings, it gave me great confidence moving forward.

Commissioning Shadows:

BKP Art original Painting

Finally I would like to show a commissioned multiple canvas work. This last painting was created to cover as much space as possible. It was requested that I create a painting for a large wall. I find that multiple canvas paintings can cover a great deal of space and are still very easy to maneuver for those who live in apartments. It’s basically a functional way to maintain a larger work of art that will not be damaged because of handling difficulties.

Multiple canvas art is an excellent way to display your talents and emotions in a new and challenging way. Please enjoy the images I have posted of my Paintings, and follow my blog to make sure you don’t miss future posts displaying my work.



P.S. The feature image is a mini multi canvas painting using oil, acrylic, and spray paint.

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