Finding The Line

After working on a current drawing, for roughly an hour and a half last night, I finally backed off and took a look at the picture from a distance. It took me a minute, but then I finally saw the line work. About two and a half inches by three; a cluster of carefully drawn lines that were not drafted by myself.

It really didn’t take long to realize who the visionary was. I lost it for a moment. Then I realized that I could potentially include the 5 year olds’ diligent work. Hopefully, I began to scrape the cold press with a fine tip.

I can’t say that the drawing has become exactly what I imagined it to be, but when do they ever. I am very thankful that the entire piece was not modified heavily because I have been working at it for almost a week now. However, finding the line in any work is why we keep searching.

-Bradley K Palmer


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