Black & White … with Color

Black and white paintings create a mood. In my opinion, the lack of color in a work reverts all stimulation to subject matter. The challenge in painting without color then becomes the ability to project the desired mood.

This three canvas painting was made with acrylic and oil. In my work I rarely do black and white anything. Even though this painting has the three primary color apples, I still consider it to be a black and white work. Painting in black and white requires a great deal of discipline and difinative negative space use.

Creating a large scale abstract painting in only black and white was a great way to hone my shading skills and define my subject matter. the different color apples can represent many things. However, the biggest success of this work was being able to add the color in a minimal way causing the subject to provoke thought and maintain it’s specific mood.

Please enjoy this painting,


Bradley K Palmer

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