The Constant Price Flux in Art

Making a sale is hands-down one of the most satisfying things about creating art. The moment that someone is willing to pay money for a painting, drawing, or creation you made is simply justification that your not the only one who loves what you do. Often Times, I try and price my work to sell because I find it to be a great honor when someone is willing to make a spot for my work in their home. This means that I price my work very low compared to the amount of time and thought that goes into each piece. As I do not depend on selling art to pay my rent, I can be more flexible when it comes to price.

At What Point Does The Price Not Make Sense?

When my paintings are sold, and I am content with the transaction, yet I am told by others “I can’t believe that you put such a low price on that”. How does that affect my other sales? I know that I have sold work for a larger amount of money and then felt guilty that I charged a higher amount to one person and a less amount to another person. I can tell you that I feel a sense of loyalty to all of those who have purchased my work and am inclined to provide them with additional work at a less cost. After all these are the people that support what I do and, if nothing else, provide me with the confidence to keep on painting, drawing, and doing what I love most.

In The End Is It Really About The Money?

To some I would imagine that yes it is absolutely about the money. For collectors it is always about the money. However, for some it is about the emotion. For others it is about the connection. For me it is absolutely not about the money. However, I have always believed very strongly that my work should command a very high price so people actually stop and take the time to look at it. If nothing else then they would at least have given my work the thought it required to process what is actually in front of them. For me though, no definitely not about the money. For me selling art is about the experience and the relationships. The ability to connect with someone who sees in my work what I see in myself. Sometimes people will see whatever they want, but I like to think I can tell when someone sees what I have created for what it is and what I always meant it to be. Emotion and thought provoking color balance meant to stimulate the mind.

Thanks for reading,

Bradley K Palmer



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