The Work Behind My Work

I have found a new love for color pencil drawing. For a very long time all of my drawings were always black and white. I used mostly pen or pencil. I find that I also really enjoy drawings with oil pastel, but do not do so as often as I would like.

However, as of late I have been drawing as much as I can find time for. This drawing, the same as most my works, was created over a two to three week span of one to two hours about three times a week. I find that the use of color pencils is something that is growing on me with every completed work. My art is forever changing and I have discovered that a variety of mediums, such as the added use of pencil, is a great way to discover new ways of creating amazing work.

The drawing you see here is an original BKP color pencil work. It is centered on what I think is 12″ x 18″ standard pencil paper. The Paper has a decent tooth and I find that Crayola pencils are excellent. Depending on how much pressure I use, I am able to produce some really vibrant color.

Please enjoy the abstract drawing I have titled “Time Is An Illusion”


Bradley K Palmer

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