Digital Postage – A New NFT Series

The Digital Postage Series Basics:

I have created a new NFT series I’m calling “Digital Postage”. This is in honor of my grandfathers extensive global stamp collection. When I first started to understand NFT’s, and the thought behind creating NFT art, I couldn’t help but to think of stamps and the value of collectable items like these. The idea that you can own an authentic item and never have to worry about the corners being bent, or damage and depreciation is something that I find very intriguing.

The Digital Postage series will solely be original animated artworks created by BKP. All art works in the series will be animated BKP art pieces that have not been previously sold or minted. The series will start with #.0001 minted original animation. All Digital Postage series editions number will be based on previously transferred Digital Postage tokens at the time of minting. For example, the first edition Digital Postage series number is #.0001, and if all 10/10 of these NFT’s are transferred, then the next series edition will be minted as series #.001. This would be the second edition.

In addition to the animated NFT’s, all of the original artworks used for the Digital Postage Series will be minted immediately before the NFT Digital Postage series release as a 1/1 NFT/Physical combo. This way it will be possible to own the collection as a physical artwork, a minted original artwork NFT, and a minted animated artwork NFT. Once a NFT/physical combo is purchased, please contact me via email with your information and the physical original art work ships in a protective frame to any specified address. If items are to ship outside the US arrangements will need to be made.

I hope you enjoy these new works as I venture out to provide a more visually sound environment for us all.

View, Purchase, & enjoy these NFT’s now at Rarible/com/bkpart



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