Sifting Krill

The NFT learning curve continues…

Crypto Wallet Synchronization & Minting

I am very unaware of how this issue came to be, but while trying to mint my drawing “Sifting Krill” I ran into some issues… This NFT was minted on at 8:47 June 02 2021. If you go to my activity log and scroll the incredibly long way back to June 02 2021, you will find that this fine art NFT was minted a total of six times accidentally. During the minting process the NFT was not showing up in my wallet. I was also unable to see that the transaction was completed. Thus, I assumed that it never took place and was continually attempting to get my work listed.

This was obviously the incorrect approach. After a few customer support submissions and probably some overreactive emails, I noticed that the fund amounts in my wallet were not the same as the amounts shown on my Rarible profile. One of the customer support representatives mentioned that I should disconnect everything from my wallet and sign out. This indeed was the solution. Make sure you have the required info to log back in before logging out! This is very important! However, it was the solution. Once logged back in, my wallet and all accounts were synced back up and everything was working again. As I mentioned I am unaware of the why, but I did resolve the issue and have not had trouble since.

Burning The NFT Extras

So now that I am back up to speed and my account is working again, I realize that I have six NFT’s of Sifting Krill all minted at 25 editions each. I would never mint the same NFT more than once as that, in my opinion, would destroy the authenticity of the work. So I burned 5/6 of the Sifting Krill NFT’s to even the score.

As you can see this makes the fine art NFT “Sifting Krill” truly unique in it’s own BKP Art learning curve kind of way. I hope that this abstract drawing is enjoyed for years to come as it will remain a 25/25 NFT for the rest of blockchain history.



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