Sunset Harvest NFT Collection Coming Soon!

So it’s easy to get swept away in the everyday tide of life. I have noticed that I have not properly updated BKP with current progress and projects that I am deep into for some time now. That is why I’m dropping this quick blurb.

In The Works

I’m am finally wrapping up a project that I started earlier this year called Sunset Harvest. This project is a NFT collection of collaged photography. I have chosen to photograph sunsets for this collection. The final NFT’s are compiled of several photographs taken from the same location and collaged together in a panorama style pattern. I have spent months putting this together.

Personally, I hold a special place for the brilliance of the sky just before night fall. Always in awe of how something so amazing washes out the day and doesn’t leave a trace. I suppose that is my fascination with attempting to capture these moments.

Additionally, I felt that this was the great irony of the collection name in “Sunset Harvest”. How can you capture or contain something so great and so beyond us? We’ll you’ll just have to wait and see…

In the meantime, please feel free to follow me on twitter for NFT updates and all things BKP @BKP_Art

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