Sunset Harvest NFT Collection

The Sunset Harvest NFT collection is now live on Opensea. I was able to complete this collection some time ago. I minted the artworks from late November to early December. This project was a fun idea I had to attempt to capture the beautiful sunsets I so much adore. This was an experimental project I used to explore photography and further establish myself as a multimedia artist. I personally do not have formal training in photography like I do in other art forms. However, I do believe the concept development of this project far off-sets any lack of traditional expertise. Please see a few of the images from the NFT collection below.

Developing the Concept

For some time, I would see the sunsets and try to grab a worthy photo or representation of what was in front of me. This type of photography is very difficult in my opinion because the landscape can be hard to photograph while maintaining clarity over such a vast area. Additionally, the lighting of a sunset is constantly changing. This makes grabbing a still image that reflects what the eye is receiving all the more difficult.

When I began I knew I wanted to produce an image that spanned a large horizontal area, and would encapsulate the entirety of the moment. That is where I arrived at the idea of a panoramic style image. Simply taking panorama photos on my phone would not due though. These images are cool but often distorted and “stitched” in a way that I do not believe to be acceptable for the level of art I wanted to achieve in this collection.

Once I had realized that I was going to proceed with a panorama style photo, I decided to collage the photos together to maintain clarity over the expanse of the area I was photographing. This meant that I would need to attempt to photograph the Sunsets as symmetrically as possible. I chose a specific spot to start and end at. This location was a tree stump. Thus, every time I was able to be in that location during the time the sunset was occurring, I photographed a sequence of images to display the Sunset and capture the experience one photo at a time. This process was repeated over the course of roughly six months to create this collection.

Once the Photography portion was completed, I began to edit my images together to create the final works or NFT’s. These I consider to be a Fine Art Photography Collage. The NFT collection, or final 66 Fine Art Photography Collages, are an excellent art form that is very unique in many ways. Not only is it my first ever photography project, but it is by far one of the largest developed works of art I have ever created. These NFT’s are full scale images that can be printed on canvases or paper for framing and hanging anywhere. The digital assets are not only collectable works of art but are also a tangible physical product for anyone who desires it.

Please enjoy the BKP Fine Art Photography Collage NFT Collection – Sunset Harvest



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