Bricks & Flowers

“Bricks & Flowers” color pencil drawing & fine art NFT by BKP…

I love to draw and for a long-time drawing, to me, drawing was just pens and shading. When I finally began to explore drawing in color as an abstract art form, I got engulfed in the possibilities.

This work is one of my first color pencil only abstract landscape drawings. It started as an exploration of using color pencils. As I continued, I found myself working to blend the BKP style to color applications that included landscapes. long story short, the work “Bricks and Flowers” was a steppingstone to my multimedia abstract drawings. Using the color pencils to outline and shade was an amazing experience. I enjoy the depth and forgiveness from the combination of color pencils on a dark color construction paper.

Bricks & Flowers the NFT

The Bricks & Flowers drawing has been minted on the Ethereum blockchain as a fine art 1/1 NFT. I have minted this work on the ETH blockchain with an added solid black border to better display the art in its’ true form. The first person to purchase the NFT, from the BKP Art Collection on, will receive the original artwork. This drawing is shipped within one week after purchase.

Please note the drawing is a color pencil artwork on construction paper. The original work has some layers of construction paper that were removed with the tape peal around the border of the piece (you know how tape peals go). The paper size is 8.5″in x 11″in and the artwork border is a 1.5″in perimeter of the exposed black construction paper. I recommend this artwork be framed and matted after purchase. The original drawing does not ship with a frame. This drawing will ship in a protected package and any framing will need to be implemented by the purchaser.

You can Purchase the Bricks & Flowers BKP Art NFT Here —> Bricks & Flowers NFT

More About the BKP Art NFT Collection on

I have decided to create the BKP Art NFT collection to provide not only a fine art NFTs that will last forever on the blockchain in the 1/1 original minted form, but to also provide vibrant balanced visual stimulation for true collectors. The idea of owning something unique and verified original is, in my opinion, why collectors collect art. I love the NFT side of art because now we never have to worry about fine art being damaged over time. The original work can be captured and verified always. Please enjoy the BKP Art NFT collection and only use the proper links to purchase BKP Art.

See the entire BKP Fine Art NFT Collection Here —> BKP Art on

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