GM NFTs – The Prelude Continues

The NFT space is a wild and rapidly changing arena of art, promotion, and branding. In my opinion, very few NFT collections can provide serious utility. Utility is a product or service that has an actual use or value outside of the resale of the NFT. It has been my experience that NFT’s providing solid utility will also provide a more volatile price action. The correlation is relative because any time you are adding layers of value to a product that product deserves a higher price… arguably.

In any case, there are a few things in the NFT space that have remained the same. I would consider them more as common knowledge over the evolution of the madness. At this time I would like to highlight the “GM”. Obviously, GM is an acronym for Good Morning. The “GM” is most widely used on Twitter. Some people view the GM negatively. For example I have seen comments from highly followed individuals stating “if your still saying GM you do not understand the space”. However, I whole heartedly disagree.

If you think about it, the “GM” dates far back to long before cell phones and the internet. By performing a quick Goggle search for vintage “GM” ads I was able to find this fancy ad from Lowery’s Seasoning.

As you can see, there are many different companies that have used the saying good morning as a polite way to grab your attention.

Rightfully so, it is always ideal to broadcast a positive message. We can learn from this form of communication in many ways.

Personally, the brand that I am shaping is BKP Art. It is my passion and my work that I have been creating since a very young age. I believe I was roughly nine when I received my first oil painting set.

Since then I have never stopped painting, drawing, and creating art. Sometimes it takes me longer than I would like to complete new works, but my passion and ideas for creating never fade.

It could be considered timeless like the “GM”. Saying good morning to someone boils down to just being polite.

In passing, it used to be common to say good morning to complete strangers. At the office, saying good morning to your boss or a coworker was just good way to start the day and initiate social interaction between acquaintances.

Today the “GM” has become a good way to produce interaction online and continues to be a polite way to show positivity as we all start the day.

Never the less, that is why I have created this abstract drawing titled “GM”. I thought it only appropriate to add a good morning drawing to the BKP Art NFT collection. This abstract art piece was drawn with pens, gel pens, and color pencils. The work has been created on construction paper. I have included aspects of pattern, design, and color balance to created the vibrant work.

The terms of the BKP Art NFT collection include the original drawing being shipped to the first purchaser of the NFT. If you any questions about buying the NFT, or weather or not you would be the first purchaser, please reach out to me with questions via my Twitter messages as I am most active at this location.

Any secondary sales of the NFT require specified agreements between both parties if the original work is requested. For reference: I AM NO WAY INVOLOVED, OR CAN IN NO WAY BE RESPONISBLE for secondary sales and agreements. Please be carful when purchasing my art from anyone but me.

However, it is my strong belief that the Utility of the BKP Art NFT collection is that the NFT’s will long outlast my time here. Any owner of the NFT will have an original Fine Art NFT artwork from my collection. These NFT’s will long outlast the test of time as they are not subject to physical damage of any kind.

Please enjoy the one and only “GM” by BKP –



The original Fine Art NFT is available now in the BKP Art NFT collection on – “GM” NFT by BKP

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