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Art to me is what water is to fish. I am comfortable when I create. I could swim around for hours in my paintings if I ever had the chance. I think this is why I’m so drawn to the art and technology integrations that we see in modern art today. The exploration of bringing work to life in new spaces and forms is inspiring to me.

My father introduced oil painting to me when I was about 11 years old. I can always remember drawing and painting as a younger kid, but the oil painting is what really started it all for me. I have learned a lot about painting and composition in the last 20 + years. I find that I also learn about composition every day. To me, the best part about creating is you never stop, and you never stop learning.

In my creations I enjoy working to balance color, abstraction, and contrast. My work is meant to provoke thought and pleasurable visual stimulation. I strongly believe in supplying positive material in attempt to entrap the viewers concentration, even if only for a moment. Art to me is many things, but most of all, I work to create something people can connect with and enjoy.

Each day I am exploring various mediums and ways of creating. In these times of new and exciting avenues for art to evolve, I am going to continue to explore and build. My art journey has been long, and I am excited to say it is long from over. One day I hope to look back and see how this path has created something truly great. A new compilation of art that has become a timestamp for the evolution of authenticity and timeless rarity.

NevEr StOp cReaTing!!!

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