B.K.P Paintings:

All work displayed is original B.K.P Art for your viewing pleasure.
Please enjoy,

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  1. Thank you Bradley for your nice comment left on my Instagram @carolinarussoart and thanks for the follow! You’re doing great art here I like your use of colors and your surreal and abstract way to paint. I hope you will visit my Blog and maybe follow at it is always nice to connect with other artists! 🙂 Carolina

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  2. Hello Bradley. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Love your work. I’m just a self taught amateur who started out with watercolor in my twenties. Now I enjoy acrylic on wood and I am nearly 60 now. I admire your work with oil. To me going from acrylic to oil is like going from checkers to chess. Perhaps someday I will take the leap. In the meantime, just creating with art is not only enjoyable, it’s therapy. Keep creating and keep sharing. Your work is beautiful!

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    1. Thanks Kevin,
      I have to totally agree with you. Creating is my ground and an excellent form of therapy. Keep in mind its never to late to expand to new mediums. I find when I move between water color and oil, my work is effected in excellent ways. There are incredibly different though. I’m always interested in seeing new work so keep posting!


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