Black Drops Go & My NFT Learning Curb

Black Drops Go was my first minted item in the crypto space. I went on Rarible, with a sweet portfolio, and started in on my new adventure. I minted Black Drops Go as a 1/1. It was kind of a practice piece for me to feel out how the process works. I uploaded my design and was unaware a cover image was requested for the .mp4 I had made. Thus, I quickly save a .jpg and slapped it on there.

After I minted the NFT I realized that my file preview was not the motion piece I had wanted it to be. Panic! Unable to take back my freshly minted forever NFT… I quickly burned the item to make sure it would not tarnish my clean new profile.

After all the gas fees I am hoping I am not the only one that has encountered a bit of a learning curb entering this new space. Never the less, I have reminted this unique piece titled “Black Drops Go”. It is a 5/5 NFT and will forever be my learning curb. The art work was originally created for my Rarible profile background image in late April 2021.

Don’t be afraid to share your NFT Art and NFT Artist experiences so we can all navigate a little better moving into the digital world.



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