A Dry Place To Revibe

The “Digital Postage” NFT Second Edition

So here it is, series #0002 of my Digital Postage fine art NFT collection. “A Dry Place To Revibe” is a step forward for me and my multimedia art exploration adventure. The art piece was an easy selection when it came to deciding what work I would use for the second edition of this collection.

The original drawing “A Dry Place To Reset” was created with the intention to display the need for rest and rehabilitation. A Dry Place To Reset is where I like to go when I need to collect my thoughts, ease my mind, and get back to feeling 100.

The Images above show the original BKP drawing “A Dry Place To Reset” and the animated NFT Art piece “A Dry Place To Revibe” Click link for NFT viewing and purchase.

Once I got into the editing of this work it was a “down the rabbit hole” kind of situation. The bubbles in the animated work took up a lot more space in my program than I had expected. After I got up over 7900 layers everything was struggling to process. Nevertheless, I was able to create a one of kind Fine Art NFT for your enjoyment. This art piece is very special to me, and I can only hope that it helps inspire others to explore the digital landscape that are yet so new to many of us.



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