BKP Art NFT Drops Collection

The BKP Art “Drops” series has been completed.

This NFT series has become an exploration phase of my work as a digital artist. The “Drops” series includes Five original NFT’s that maintain five editions each. The very first NFT of this collection is “Black Drops Go”. This NFT was basically me testing how the minting process works and what my limitations were as far as animation/file output. Some other relevant issues I encountered while creating this NFT series were things like, file size and conversion. It is not always the easiest thing to produce a final product the way you envision it. Personally, I think the single most important part of the minting process is making sure you have attached a date to the mint. Even though this information is obviously forever on the blockchain, not everyone is efficient with the use of Etherscan. I do have other blog posts about some of the NFT’s in this collection. Please check them out to see how I have learned a great deal about the minting process including tips and insight to how I want to mint my work moving forward.

As for the BKP Art NFT “Drops” series you will not have to worry about all the details. When it comes to fine art authenticity is king. That’s what we pay for. The guarantee that what we are buying is an original one of kind piece of art. For the record, that’s what you get with a BKP Art “Drops” NFT. I will never remint any of my artwork. Win, lose, or draw these fine art NFT’s are always going to be the only 25 available. On that note, all of my original first collections, series, and fine art NFT’s will always be on my BKP Art Rarible profile. Please enjoy.



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