NFT’s and BKP – The Prelude

Art comes in many forms. It is a language that all speak and interpret differently. I have worked for many years to better speak the language of art in my own way. Honing my craft and creating many different forms of art to further explore multimedia design in many ways. Currently, I am working to consolidate my available art, and provide insight to the thought process behind my work. Additionally, I would like to better display the works I have created and shed some light on my plans moving forward.

Over the past year I have been adding an additional layer of value to my art by turning the works into NFT’s (NON FUNGILE TOKENS). NFT’s are a form of crypto currency. Personally, my NFT’s are listed for sale on the platform at my official collection page found here – BKP Art NFT Collection. I strongly believe in the value of the NFT for many reasons that I may need to save for another post. Please make sure to follow my posts and updates as I intended to make posting more of a habit in the near future.

Anyway, My NFT collection is currently compiled of 36 items or art works that I have minted on the Ethereum blockchain. These minted NFTs are the images of my original drawings and paintings. This means that the image is basically a representation of a crypto currency token. No one can ever replicate that token, as it is confirmed to be a specific transaction on the blockchain, thus making it the only original to ever be created. The terms of my NFT collection include the original art work shipping to the purchaser upon the first sale of the NFT. If you have purchased an original BKP Art NFT please make sure to contact me with the shipping address you would like the work sent to.

The NFT’s are able to be resold at any time, but I leave all secondary sales and any transfers of original art up to the current owners. Please make sure the NFT is listed for sale by BKP ART for original art sale terms. If you have questions at all please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or any other social media platform noted. You can also email me at Please note you may receive a faster response from my social media as I tend to be more active on those platforms currently.

For now I am going to leave you all with this…

The multimedia drawing is titled “Island Fever” and is available for purchase here. The current price of this work is .3 ETH which translates to $399.33 as of 12-14-22 9:00am est.

As you all know the price of crypto currencies fluctuates regularly and I am understanding of this. That is also the reason some works may be listed and relisted for different noted values of Ethereum at any given time.

“Island Fever” is a multimedia drawing on pink construction paper. This work of art was created with pens, gel pens, and color pencils. This colorful abstract landscape has found it’s place as a personal favorite simply because it’s color and rare unique calming flow. I would love to stay there, yet I may loose myself if I did. This is why I have name the work “Island Fever”

Please enjoy and feel free to reach out with questions or requests.



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